Comparative Market Analysis


At our first appointment, we will tour your home and listen to you about what makes your home unique. Then we look at what else has sold in your neighborhood and the surrounding area to determine the price we should list your home at. 

Assess Your Needs


Part of determining the list price of your home also has to include what your situation is. How quickly do you need to sell your home? What do you owe on the home? Where are you going? What is your next destination? We need to know your financial goals so we can help you stick to them. 

Get a Plan


 Once we know what price we will be listing your house at and we know your motivation for selling, we can then schedule the next part of your listing based on your goals. We set a time frame for staging, photography, and listing. Everything is based on your needs and your schedule. 

Listing Process

Professional Staging


Our professional home stager is one of the best in the area. She comes into your home and goes room by room with you to help get your home ready to sell. She primarily uses items you already own and gives you detailed instruction about what to put where. Occasionally she will have you purchase a few minor items but nothing major since the object is to sell your home while spending as little money as possible! 

Professional Photography


Your online presence is very important in this digital age. Iphone pictures will not cut it. It is imperative to have good pictures with your listing from day one. We bring in our photographer after you have had enough time to get your house ready after staging. When you say its go time, we schedule photography and get your home listed! 

Online Marketing


Many agents rely on the MLS to do all the work of selling your home. While the MLS is certainly critical it isn't the only way to get to buyers. Our job is to connect buyers and sellers. Consumers are constantly online these days. Buyers are everywhere. Some buyers don't even know they're buyers until they see the perfect home for them. One way we connect buyers and sellers is to market your home on social media. We use Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube, and Pinterest to get your home in front of as many people as possible. 



Hilary and Miranda make short video tours of their listings. They are raw, uncut, and sometimes a bit cheesy but their followers on Social Media like them, talk about them, and share them with their friends who they think might be interested in that house. They are extremely amateur but they get more eyes seeing your home and that brings more buyers which brings you more money! 

Follow Up


List it and wait for the offers to come in is not what we do. Reverse prospecting, calls after showings and social media "likes" or shares are all ways we can bring a buyer to your home. It is important to stay on top of these people so they don't forget about your home. 

Open Houses and Broker Tours


We love telling people about our listings! We would love to host an open house or broker tour at your home to get more people in your home and talking about it! 


Assess Needs and Wants

Hilary and Miranda sit down with their clients one on one and ask questions and listen. It is their job to try and figure out what is going to suit their needs and their budget. 

Look for Properties

Once we have an idea of what our clients want in a home, we have to go out and look at some properties. The first time we go out Hilary and Miranda both go. It is helpful for us both to hear our clients' feedback so we get a more detailed picture of what they like and do not like. Sometimes our clients only go out looking a few times, sometimes they have to go out a lot of times. Which ever way it goes, we are happy to be patient with our clients and show them as many houses as they need to see until they find the right one. 

Make Recommendations and Negotiate

Once our clients find the house they like. We run a comparative market analysis to figure out a good sale price for the home. We make recommendations as to what the offer should be, advise them on how we think negotiations should go, and help them prepare an offer. We walk them through the entire process answering questions and connecting them with industry professionals they need along the way.